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Topic : '' Strategic Decision and Risk Management ''

Instructor: Steven Tani, Partner and SDG Fellow, SDG, Strategic Decisions Group

Description of the course:

Five Things Every Executive Should Know About Risk

The business executive's job is daunting. Often, you have to make big decisions without knowing exactly how they will turn out. Many factors—all of them well beyond your control—can affect the outcome of those decisions: future economic trends, the behavior of competitors, the success or failure of new technology, possible governmental regulation.To do a good job on these "big bet" decisions you must base your actions on the best available information, solid reasoning, and clear thinking. But it can get confusing when you add risk and uncertainty to the mix. In this webinar, we will explore the five things every executive needs to know about how to handle—and embrace—risk.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Steven Tani is a Fellow and Partner with Strategic Decisions Group. He has assisted a wide variety of clients in R&D portfolio management, new business entry strategy, overseas capital investment decisions, and new product planning. His clients have included companies in the automotive, chemicals, communications, equipment, financial, food processing, mining, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, timber, transportation, and utilities industries. In 2004, Dr. Tani was named the first SDG Fellow, a title established to distinguish those whose extraordinary contributions to the analytical disciplines allow the firm to maintain its competitive advantage. In addition to leading consulting engagements, Dr. Tani conducts many seminars and workshops in decision analysis.

Presented by The Strategic Decision and Risk Management Program - Stanford University.

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