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ASCC was founded in 2010 by a team of international graduate students from Harvard, MIT, Paris-Sorbonne, HEC Alger, Sherbrooke & Stanford Universities. With deep knowledge in international higher education and an expertise in technology innovation, we dedicate our efforts in breaking down the barriers to empower universities and students. We have affiliated offices in different cities around the globe (Algiers, Paris, Montreal, Tunis, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Rome & London). As mentors, we provide  necessary assistance in travel plans, internships, work permits & scholarship opportunities.

Work & study in Wall-Street, Manhattan.

Have you ever dreamed about working in Wall Street one day ? If yes, then we can help you or your (company) to go and enhance your expertise as a professional working in the field of management, finance, or business in general. On top of that, you will be training in a financial institution during the entire duration of your studies.

The advantage that we offer you is that you can really make your dream come true, and have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the world's biggest financial city. The partnership that we have with Manhattan Institute of Management allows us to refer candidates who have interest to pursue a professional background related to any area or industry of finance, business, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, information technology, and much more.

If you are a student, already pursuing a master's or bachelor's degree in related field, you can also have this opportunity to enrich your CV before graduating from school yet.

And if you are a company looking to train your employees in a specific domain, MIM leadership experience will foster your vision, and make you achieve your goals by training your senior managers by the best in the field.

Available programs including internships in New York and a certificate diploma:

1- International Business Management (6 months): $5.100
2- Intensive Business English (3 months): $4.500
3- Certificate in Finance (6 months): $5.100
4- Financial Risk Management (6 months): $5.100
5- International Technology Management (3 months): $3.500
6- Project Management Program (2,5 months): $2.500
7- Online Marketing and Social Media (6 months): $4.500

* If you are interested in customizing a specific program that you would like to study, or a seminar that is possible as well.

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