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ASCC was founded in 2010 by a team of international graduate students from Harvard, MIT, Paris-Sorbonne, HEC Alger, Sherbrooke & Stanford Universities. With deep knowledge in international higher education and an expertise in technology innovation, we dedicate our efforts in breaking down the barriers to empower universities and students. We have affiliated offices in different cities around the globe (Algiers, Paris, Montreal, Tunis, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Rome & London). As mentors, we provide  necessary assistance in travel plans, internships, work permits & scholarship opportunities.


American Studies Consulting Company, Inc 

adheres to strict ethical guidelines when working 

with students and families 

as well as schools and universities of the NAFSA and AIRC.

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To be considered for any academic scholarship you must send us your complete application first for an evaluation of your documents. Then, when you meet the requirements to be admitted at the university, we will recommend you for a scholarship based on your skills and academic background.