EC School

EC is a high-quality and affordable English school owned Maltese company that teaches the English Language around the world. Each center is located around in the most beautiful cities : UK (Cambridge, Brighton, London, Bristol), South Africa (Cape Town), USA (Boston, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco), Malta and now Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver).We can get you admitted in any location above starting from $275/ week.

American Language Communication Center

ALCC mission is to provide quality English language instruction through a variety of courses to international and local students in a professional and supportive atmosphere utilizing a unique English teaching methodology developed over 27 years.Area of studies:Academic English - Business English - American Litterature. Locations: Manhattan & Queens.Cost: $431/month.

The Academy

The Academy at Harvard Square is an international education institute is located in Harvard, Boston, and offers a wide range of english preparation courses and seminars in medical and pharmaceutical fields, also in journalism and psychology at Boston University, MIT or Harvard. Working closely with us (ASCC) we can customize a group seminar for professionals and students in several domains. 

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Don't worry, our mentors will help you set up the perfect fit with your budget, travel plans, hotel or guest family and lengh of time you are willing to study (week / month).

Metropolitan Business Institute

MBI is a registered business school with the New York State Education Department. They are specialized in training/employment service of individuals for over 20 years, of which will aide each student to achieve his/her maximize potential in both intellectual development and business career skills.Areas of studies with a certificate diploma:Academic English  - Business English - Accounting - Business Management - Web-design.

Manhattan Language School

The mission of ML school is to provide English language training programs that are focused, accessible and affordable - all in a friendly, supportive learning environment that familiarizes students with authentic New York culture.Their clients are international students, professionals and tourists who are here to enhance their English skills for academic study, professional advancement or personal enrichment. You can study here with a tourist visa or student visa.

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ASCC was founded in 2010 by a team of international graduate students from Harvard, MIT, Paris-Sorbonne, HEC Alger, Sherbrooke & Stanford Universities. With deep knowledge in international higher education and an expertise in technology innovation, we dedicate our efforts in breaking down the barriers to empower universities and students. We have affiliated offices in different cities around the globe (Algiers, Paris, Montreal, Tunis, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Rome & London). As mentors, we provide  necessary assistance in travel plans, internships, work permits & scholarship opportunities.
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