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ASCC was founded in 2010 by a team of international graduate students from Harvard, MIT, Paris-Sorbonne, HEC Alger, Sherbrooke & Stanford Universities. With deep knowledge in international higher education and an expertise in technology innovation, we dedicate our efforts in breaking down the barriers to empower universities and students. We have affiliated offices in different cities around the globe (Algiers, Paris, Montreal, Tunis, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Rome & London). As mentors, we provide  necessary assistance in travel plans, internships, work permits & scholarship opportunities.


American Studies Consulting Company, Inc 

adheres to strict ethical guidelines when working 

with students and families 

as well as schools and universities of the NAFSA and AIRC.

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Executive Education for (decison makers) 

Business strategies and technology operations programs

We designed 2 distinct programs for :

1- Professional development courses for senior managers  

2- Seminars courses for young professionals & entrepreneurs

Success stories  & testimonials

Academic Programs

Our universities are located in all major states around the U.S: Washington D.C, New York, Virginia, California, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Alabama, Baltimore, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Miami.

The rate acceptance of our students is 98% on all applications, most of them  were automatically admitted thanks to our partnerships.

Harvard English summer school

Summer classes to be scheduled each year in Boston.

Starting classes : June 21 - August 09 

Concentrations : Academic English, Professional English, Design Architecture.

* Deadlines to apply : May 1st, 2017.

Micro-programs (Wall-Street) 

Study and work as an intern for (6 months or 3 months)

This short-term program is designated to junior professionals & business analysts. It offers you the opportunity to study towards earning a degree while doing a training (internship) in a company during six months.

Starting from $275/ week, you can choose one of the following top destinations to study english while having fun in the same time: USA (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami) -  Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver). Our travel plans and deals that our partners give us are not available in travel agencies.

Our 32 partnerships with prestigious American universities help our students acquire academic and professional experience in USA by helping them to be admitted without necessarily having (TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT) examinations.  Our selective criteria & high professionalism helped us build an excellent reputation among several universities in USA and abroad.

Congrats to the "236" students and scholarship recipients  who have been
in 2017
under our partnerships!

Long & short-term packages

Application 2017-2018

deadlines :
" April 01, 2018 "

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Live Webinars (Stanford University) e-learning

Free classes from eminent professors on visio-conference

Events will are broadcasted each month live and for free on our website. 


    Learn to start-up!                                                                                                                     Apprendre à entreprendre !

Our vision

Our efforts are structured on official agreements with our university partners in order to foster cultural exchanges and build a bridge between American universities and other universities.

Our main goal is to contribute into a positive change on the educational system in emerging economies by offering the opportunity of :

1- Free assistance and guidance for selected students by preparing them for documents gathering and processes.

2- Help them access higher and competitive academic programs in research and science by facilitating university admission criterias. 

3- Organize conferences given by eminent professors, researchers and entrepreneurs in order to encourage academic exchanges and scientific collaborations between students and professors.


66 financial grants are available at our universities  

42 students have benefited already with our recommendations to earn a scholarship since (2010).
When you apply to one of our universities, you will have access automatically to available financial aids if you are eligible.