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Dermatology for Primary Care

Hyatt Regency Sarasota, Florida.

Event Date/Time:  Jun 16-20, 2014.

Cost: $745.

Day 1 Introduction – Essentials of Dermatology Diagnosis. Common Problems in Office Dermatology. Problems in the Sun, Part I: Solar Radiation, Photodamage, Actinic Keratosis. Problems in the Sun, Part II: Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers, Photosensitivity Reactions, Sun Protection. Day 2 Common Tumors in the Office Setting, Part I: Warts, Mollusca, Fibrous Tumors, Cutaneous Horns, Acanthomas. Common Tumors in the Office Setting, Part II: Common Neoplasm of Head and Neck, Cysts, Vascular Tumors, Dermatofibroma, Keratoses, Lipoma, Soft Tissue Growths, Granulomas, Metastatic Carcinoma, Lymphoma. Contact Dermatitis. Leg Ulcers and the Principles of Wound Care. Day 3 Dermatologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease. Case Studies in Dermatology. Malignant Melanomas, Part I. Malignant Melanomas, Part II. Day 4 Acne, Part I: Pathophysiology, Recognition and Treatment. Acne, Part II: Identification and Treatment of Acne, Acneiform Eruptions and Rosacea. Herpes Simplex and Zoster; Lichen Planus. Psoriasis. Day 5 Drug Eruptions: Etiology, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment. Infections in Dermatology. Pathophysiology and Treatment of Foot Ulcers: Diabetic Ischemic and Neuropathic. “Cases That Have Taught Me a Lesson.”

Better Software Conference

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Event Date/Time: 01-06 Jun 2014.

​Cost: $595.

Learn about the  latest tools, trends, and issues regarding software development  approaches, plan-driven development methods, and process improvement  programs at the Better Software Conference. Your registration includes  full access to the Agile Development Conference.

This section is entirely dedicated to seminars and conferences which will be organized in various industries around the U.S. this year of 2014. We are glad to announce that we will be able to help you organize and plan your future trip and business conference in your area of expertise. If you are a large group or a small number of professionals who are willing to plan a customized program for any specific industry you can send us an e-mail and let us know about your concerns promptly.


International Academy of Cardiology 2014, 19th World Congress on Heart Disease

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Boston

Event Date/Time:  July 25-28, 2014.

Cost: $660.

The Congress will provide the opportunity for a comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in cardiovascular medicine, primarily in the areas of  Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, Genetics of Heart Disease, Cardiac Imaging, Coronary Artery Disease, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Interventional Cardiology, Lipoprotein Disorders, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Failure, Valvular Heart Disease, Diseases of the Aorta, Cardiac Arrhythmias and Electrophysiology, Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers and Cardioverter-Defibrillators, Sudden Cardiac Death, Pediatric Cardiology, Congenital Heart Disease, Cardiac Surgery, Heart Transplantation, Mechanical Circulatory Support and Measurement of Outcome and Quality of Cardiovascular Care. 

*More events are coming soon...

Cornell-Sathguru Food Agribusiness Management Program

Cornell University, New York.

Event Date/Time:  July 23-31, 2014.

Cost: $550.

Agriculture and food sector integration in India and several parts of Asia has been re-defined over the last decade. Leaders in the diverse segments of agri, food chain management and credit services have drawn holistic business plans that would transform them into total service providers. The opportunity to grow has attracted entry of global majors in the recent years. Several states have taken a leadership role in promoting and harnessing the potential for public private partnerships and private sector investment in the agriculture and food processing sector.

Global Academy for Medical Education's Summit in Aesthetic Medicine 2014 

The St. Regis Monarch Beach, California. 

Event Date/Time:  Jun 06-07, 2014.

Cost: $795.

The program consists of outstanding faculty not only known for their skills in aesthetic medicine, but also in their ability to discuss various topics in an energetic and compelling way. All talks will be substantial in current content, yet brief, and pithy, allowing the majority of the time to be devoted to discussion. This is a conference for all who wish to learn and contribute as well as take away key pearls that are immediately useful in your practice.

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